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Table 5 Average MSE

From: Separation of instantaneous mixtures of a particular set of dependent sources using classical ICA methods

Number of samples T=1000 T=5000 T=10000
Parameterη 0.3 0.5 0.7 0.3 0.5 0.7 0.3 0.5 0.7
Example 1, η known 4.70e-2 2.70e-2 7.94e-3 1.04e-2 6.66e-3 2.59e-3 9.34e-3 5.42e-3 2.48e-3
Example 1, η estimated 4.35e-1 8.17e-2 9.46e-3 5.36e-1 1.59e-2 4.59e-3 5.73e-1 8.50e-3 4.38e-3
Example 1, CoM2 5.86e-1 5.33e-1 3.62e-2 5.86e-1 5.84e-1 1.29e-3 5.86e-1 5.85e-1 5.43e-5
Example 2, η known 1.91e-1 4.71e-2 3.43e-3 2.51e-1 5.16e-3 6.15e-4 2.76e-1 1.42e-3 3.33e-4
Example 2, η estimated 3.85e-1 6.66e-2 3.53e-3 5.43e-1 6.34e-3 6.60e-4 5.59e-1 1.77e-3 3.55e-4
Example 2, CoM2 5.04e-1 4.16e-1 1.20e-1 5.47e-1 5.38e-1 1.01e-1 5.57e-1 5.54e-1 7.99e-2
  1. Sources generated from Example 1 (λ=5) and Example 2 (λ= 2 ) with r i.i.d.