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Table 1 The parameter set

From: Range ambiguity clutter suppression for bistatic STAP radar

Parameter Symbol
Transmitter, receiver, and scatterer TX, RX, SX
Wavelength λ
Pulse repetition interval T
PRF f r
The number of transmitter elements M
The number of receiver elements N
The number of temporal coherent processing pulses K
The length of baseline B
The length of projection of baseline D
The element spacing of transmitter, receiver d t , d r
The heights of transmitter and receiver H t , H r
The slant ranges of the transmitter and receiver R t , R r
The platform velocities of transmitter and receiver v t , v r
The angles between the transmitter and receiver velocity and the X-axis θ Xt , θ Xr
The crab angles of transmitter and receiver antennas θ ct , θ cr
The azimuth angles of transmitter and receiver θ at , θ ar
The angles between the line-of-sight of transmitter and the X-axis θ X
The pitching angles of transmitter and receiver φ t , φ r
The bistatic angle γ
The transmitter-to-receiver range in a bistatic radar, i.e., bistatic range sum R B