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Table 1 Simulation parameters

From: Interference coordination of heterogeneous LTE systems using remote radio heads

Description Parameters
Transmission node height 25 m for macro BSs
  10 m for RRHs
Transmission power 46 dBm for macro BSs
  30 dBm for RRHs
Beam patterns Horizontal and vertical patterns for macro BSs
  Vertical pattern only for RRHs
Number of antennas Single receive antenna for UEs
  Eight transmit antennas for macro BSs
  Two transmit antennas for RRHs
Node placement 57 cells and 19 cell groups
  Inter macro BS distance D = 500 m
  Uniformly distributed K = 30 UEs per cell
Number of RRHs per cell N=4 (default)
  N=1,2,3 (optional)
Number of simulations N sim=100
  N time=3,000 (α=1,000)
Traffic model Full buffer