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Table 1 Changes needed for twin precision

From: An optimised twin precision multiplier for ASIC environment

Sum bit Twin 2009
Signal selection
S0 No change
S1 No change
S2 No change
S3 No change
S4 1/0 and P40/\( \overline{\mathrm{P}40} \)
S5 1/a2
S6 P41/\( \overline{\mathrm{P}41} \)
S7 0/a3
S8 PLSB2/P42 and 0/1
S9 aMSP0/1
S10 PLSB3/P43
S11 aMSP1/1
S12 1/0
S13 No change
S14 No change
S15 No change