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Table 1 Summary of the notation used in this article

From: Rate-distortion-optimized multi-view streaming in wireless environment using network coding

N \(\in \mathbb {N}\) Number of views
W \(\in \mathbb {N}\) Number of frames per view in a GOP
\(\vec {B}\) (set) Bi-dimensional frame buffer
\(\vec {p}\) [0,1]N Users’ preferences distribution
M \(\in \mathbb {N}\) Number of senders
C m [0,1] Capacity of channel m
   as a fraction of the stream rate
ε m [0,1] Packet loss rate of channel m
\(\mathcal {W}\) (set) Coding window
r \(\in \mathbb {N}\) Current size of the coding window
D \(\in \mathbb {R}\) Expected total distortion
D v \(\in \mathbb {R}\) Distortion of view v