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Table 1 Instantaneous error probability for different modulation schemes

From: Performance analysis of transmit antenna selection for cognitive radio systems with imperfect channel estimation

P S (x) Modulation scheme Parameter selection
αexp(−β x) DPSK α=0.5,β=1
  NCBFSK α=0.5,β=0.5
\(\alpha Q(\sqrt {\beta x})\) BPSK α=0.5,β=1
  BFSK α=0.5,β=0.5
  MPAM \(\alpha = \frac {M-1}{M},\beta =\frac {3\log _{2}M}{M^{2}-1}\)
  MQAM \(\alpha \approx 2(1-\frac {1}{\sqrt {M}}),\beta \approx \frac {1.5}{M-1}\)
  MPSK \(\alpha \approx 1,\beta \approx sin^{2}(\frac {\pi }{M})\)
  1. Note: \(Q(x)=\frac {2}{\sqrt {\pi }}\int _{x}^{+\infty }\exp (-t^{2})dt\)