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Fig. 3

From: Resource allocation in shared spectrum access communications for operators with diverse service requirements

Fig. 3

Proposed subcarrier gain-based resource sharing in shared spectrum access communication systems. Phase 1 corresponds to the process for calculating the active set of sharing parameters \(\left \{\rho _{1}^{\text {act}},\rho _{2}^{\text {act}},\cdots,\rho _{N_{\text {op}}}^{\text {act}}\right \}\), and phase 2 corresponds to the resource allocation process among the spectrum sharing operators based on calculated \(\left \{\rho _{1}^{\text {act}},\rho _{2}^{\text {act}},\cdots,\rho _{N_{\text {op}}}^{\text {act}}\right \}\) in phase 1. Note that for fragmentation-based spectrum sharing, phase 1, remains the same

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