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Table 3 Parameter definitions

From: Large-scale monocular FastSLAM2.0 acceleration on an embedded heterogeneous architecture

Parameters Definition
zmssd Zero mean sum of squared differences
m d Pixels mean of the landmark descriptor
I lmk Pixel intensity of the landmark descriptor
m p Pixels mean of the corner descriptor
I p Pixel intensity of corner descriptor
x,y Location in image of the detected corner
i,j Indexes to surrounding pixels in the descriptor
f Motion model
h Pin-Hol model
u t (n l ,n r ) Odometry data
s t (s x ,s y ,s θ ) Particle pose
δ s ,δ θ Longitudinal and angular displacement
b Wheels base
P m Particles initial covariance matrix
G u Jacobian matrix of motion model f derived according to s t
G p Jacobian matrix of motion model f derived according to δ s ,δ θ
Q Motion model noise
M Number of particles
N Number of landmarks
μ Mean of the new proposal distribution
Σ Covariance matrix of the new proposal distribution
H p Jacobian matrix of observation model (Pin-Hol)
Z n Innovation covariance
z t Measurement
\(\hat {z}_{t}\) Measurement prediction
\(\left (\hat {u},\hat {v}\right)\) Predicted landmark position in image
(u,v) Landmark position in image
(x,y,ρ,ϕ,θ) Landmark inverse depth parametrization
\(\left (c_{u},c_{v},f_{k_{u}}\right)\) Standard camera calibration
X(x cam,y cam,z cam) Landmark 3D world coordinate
C Landmark covariance matrix
ω Particle weight
N eff Number of effective particles