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Table 1 Parameter description of the ISAR, target, and jammer

From: Efficient filter design against interrupted sampling repeater jamming for wideband radar

Radar parameters Carrier frequency f 0 10 GHz Pulse width T p 128 μs
Band width B 1 GHz PRI 1 ms
Width of \( \omega \left(\widehat{t}\right) \) 4.2 μs Location of O (0 m, 0 m)
Target parameters SNR 25 dB Location of G (0 m, 100,005 m)
Jammer parameters Repeat sampling interval T s 20 μs Sampling duration τ 5/10 μs
Delayed time τ d n 5.45/5.11 μs Order N r 1 and 3
JSR 20 dB Location of J (0 m, 10,000 m)