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Table 7 Comparison of supported dynamic configuration features with relevant existing works

From: Dynamic configuration management of a multi-standard and multi-mode reconfigurable multi-ASIP architecture for turbo decoding

  Supported standards Maximum throughput (Mbps) Frame-by-frame configuration Run-time configuration generation
[16] LDPC 312, 263 No No
  DBTC 173 @6iter.   
  SBTC 173 @6iter.   
[17] DBTC 21 @6iter./ASIP No No
  SBTC 21 @6iter./ASIP   
[20] LDPC 455 Yes with BER No
  DBTC 292 @8iter. degradation  
This DBTC 1334 @6iter. Yes Yes
work SBTC 1334 @6iter.