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Table 1 Parameter values used in the simulations

From: Novel maximum likelihood approach for passive detection and localisation of multiple emitters

Parameter Value
Number of sensors (N) 20
Locations of sensors Grid formation with separations of 50 m (see Fig. 1)
Probability of detection of each target (P d ) 0.8, 0.9, or 1.0
Average false alarms per sensor 2.2
AOA measurement error standard deviation (σ θ ) 1 o
DDOA measurement error standard deviation \((\sqrt {2}c \sigma _{t})\) 10 m
Signal propagation speed, c 343.2 m/s (i.e. the speed of sound in air)
Number of target events Up to 10
Target event locations Uniformly sampled in the surveillance region [3 km, 7 km] × [-2 km, 2 km], but excluding events from occurring within 500 m of the sensor array (again, see Fig. 3)
Target event times Either the same or each sampled from a uniform [0, 100] seconds distribution