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Table 1 Signal values of the bottom half in Fig. 12

From: Canonic FFT flow graphs for real-valued even/odd symmetric inputs

Position Input After 1st stage After 2nd stage Before 3rd stage
9th x[1] x[1]+x[7] x[1]+x[7]+x[5]+x[3] x[1]+x[7]+x[5]+x[3]
10th x[7] x[1]−x[7] x[1]−x[7] R e[(x[1]−x[7]−(x[5]−x[3])j)W 1]
11th x[5] x[5]+x[3] x[1]+x[7]−x[5]−x[3] x[1]+x[7]−x[5]−x[3]
12th x[3] x[5]−x[3] (x[5]−x[3])(−j) I m[(x[1]−x[7]−(x[5]−x[3])j)W 1]
13th x[3] x[3]+x[5] x[1]+x[7]+x[5]+x[3] x[1]+x[7]+x[5]+x[3]
14th x[5] x[3]−x[5] x[3]−x[5] R e[(x[3]−x[5]−(x[7]−x[1])j)W 3]
15th x[7] x[7]+x[1] x[3]+x[5]−x[1]−x[7] (x[3]+x[5]−x[1]−x[7])(−j)
16th x[1] x[7]−x[1] (x[7]−x[1])(−j) I m[(x[3]−x[5]−(x[7]−x[1])j)W 3]