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Table 4 Optimized parameters for different algorithms considered in Figs. 8 and 9

From: Variable forgetting factor mechanisms for diffusion recursive least squares algorithm in sensor networks

LTVFF-1 α=0.91,β=0.0015
  λ 0=0.995,λ +=0.9998,λ =0.980
LTVFF-2 α=0.91,β=0.0015
  λ 0=0.950,λ +=0.9998,λ =0.950
LCTVFF-1 α=0.95,β=0.005,γ=0.95
  λ 0=0.995,λ +=0.9998,,λ =0.950
LCTVFF-2 α=0.95,β=0.005,γ=0.95
  λ 0=0.950,λ +=0.9998,,λ =0.950
GVFF-1 λ 0=0.995,μ=0.005,λ +=0.9998,λ =0.990
GVFF-2 λ 0=0.950,μ=0.005,λ +=0.9998,λ =0.950
Fixed-1 λ=0.998
Fixed-2 λ=0.995
Fixed-3 λ=0.950