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Table 1 RMSEs for search/scan stages (G2 and N=1024)

From: Position estimation with a millimeter-wave massive MIMO system based on distributed steerable phased antenna arrays

  Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3
avg. RMSE 7.56λ c (37.8 mm) 0.162λ c (0.81 mm) 0.00365λ c (0.0182 mm)
cent. RMSE 6.74λ c (33.7 mm) 0.16λ c (0.8 mm) 0.00317λ c (0.0159 mm)
80% RMSE 8.61λ c (43.1 mm) 0.176λ c (0.88 mm) 0.00419λ c (0.021 mm)