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Table 1 System level simulation parameters for urban scenario

From: The virtual small cells based on UE positioning: a network densification solution

Parameter Value
Handover margin 1 dB
Channel model 3GPP macro, 3 km/h
Interference modeling Explicit modeled
Traffic model Full buffer
Number of UEs per sector 20, 100% outdoor
Antenna configuration Macrocell antenna gain 14 dBi
  Nmc Tx X-pol for macro sectors
  Small cell antenna gain 0 dBi
  1 Tx for physical small cell
Scheduler Proportional fair
  1 max number of co-scheduled UEs
MIMO scheme SU-MIMO 2 x 2 closed loop
  Max rank: 2
  LTE precoding (release 8)
UE antenna Omni directional
  Gain 0 dBi
  2 Rx X-pol
  1.5 m height
UE receiver MMSE
UE noise figure 9 dB
Tiers 3
Bandwidth 10 MHz
Carrier (MHz) FDD DL - 2000
ISD (m) 500
Hotspot radius (m) 40
Av. building height (m) 20
Penetration loss (dBm) 20
Macrocell tx power (dBm) 46
Power split between 50/ 50%
coverage beam/VSC beam  
Picocell tx power (dBm) 30