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Table 2 RSRP descriptors

From: CSI-based fingerprinting for indoor localization using LTE Signals

Descriptor Formula Description
Mean \(\mu = \frac {1}{N_{\text {SLOT}}}\sum \limits _{s=0}^{N_{\text {SLOT}}-1} \text {RSRP}[s]\) The arithmetic mean of the RSRP.
Standard deviation \(\sigma = \sqrt {\frac {1}{N_{\text {SLOT}}-1}\sum \limits _{s=0}^{N_{\text {SLOT}}-1} (\text {RSRP}[s] - \mu)^{2}}\) The standard deviation of the RSRP.
Fano factor \(\text {FF} = \frac {\sigma ^{2}}{\mu }\) The ratio between the variance of the RSRP and its arithmetic mean.
  1. The list of RSRP statistical descriptors