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Table 3 Performance evaluation of target detection with measurements related to a single and double target moving along the main LOS path (i.e., only the receiver RX2); both space- and frequency-domain correlation methods with a single threshold are employed

From: Leveraging MIMO-OFDM radio signals for device-free occupancy inference: system design and experiments

Method using single threshold Sensitivity Specificity Accuracy FPR
Frequency-domain CSI correlation \(\mathbf {r_{\mathrm {\mathit {t,\ell _{j}}}}}\phantom {\dot {i}\!}\)) 0.97 0.49 0.9 0.5
Space-domain CSI correlation \(\phantom {\dot {i}\!}\mathbf {r_{\mathrm {\mathit {t,f_{k}}}}}\)) 0.98 0.46 0.92 0.53