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Table 1 The numbers of additions and multiplications for each step in Algorithm 1

From: Fast algorithm for designing periodic/aperiodic sequences with good correlation and stopband properties

Step Addition Multiplication
1 \(3N + 2\tilde N\log \tilde N\) \(2\tilde N\log \tilde N\)
2 \(3 \tilde N\) \(\tilde N\)
3 \(10 \tilde N\) \(5 \tilde N\)
4 0 0
5 \(N+\tilde N\log \tilde N\) \(\tilde N\log \tilde N\)
6 \(2\tilde N+\tilde N\log \tilde N\) \(\tilde N\log \tilde N\)
7 N 0
8 4N 3N
Total \(15\tilde N + 9N+4\tilde N\log \tilde N\) \(6\tilde N + 3N+4\tilde N\log \tilde N\)