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Fig. 3

From: Hybrid ADMM: a unifying and fast approach to decentralized optimization

Fig. 3

A demonstration of in-network acceleration applied to the problem of example 1. The shaded dashed circle in (b) is equivalent to node 2 in (a), except that a virtual FC (square LFC) is created logically, making it amenable to the application of H-CADMM. The interface to other nodes remains the same. The information exchanged through the edges changes. For example, the message sent from nodes 2 to 4 changes from \(x_{2}^{k}\), which describes only the state of node 2, to \(x_{1-4}^{k} = 1/N \sum _{n=1}^{4} x_{n}^{k}\) which contains information about 4 nodes

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