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Fig. 1 | EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing

Fig. 1

From: Unsupervised joint deconvolution and segmentation method for textured images: a Bayesian approach and an advanced sampling algorithm

Fig. 1

Image forming process (see Eq. (4)) in a case with K=3 texture classes. Left: true label . Central panel: three images \({\boldsymbol {x}}_{1}^{\star }\), \({\boldsymbol {x}}_{2}^{\star }\) and \({\boldsymbol {x}}_{3}^{\star }\) (top) and extracted parts \({\mathbf {S}}_{1}({\boldsymbol {\ell }}^{\star }){\boldsymbol {x}}_{1}^{\star }\), \({\mathbf {S}}_{2}({\boldsymbol {\ell }}^{\star }){\boldsymbol {x}}_{2}^{\star }\) and \({\mathbf {S}}_{3}({\boldsymbol {\ell }}^{\star }){\boldsymbol {x}}_{3}^{\star }\) (bottom). Right: true image z

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