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Table 1 Mathematical notation

From: Bias reduction for TDOA localization in the presence of receiver position errors and synchronization clock bias

Notation Explanation
O M ×  N M × N matrix with all-zero entries
\( {\boldsymbol{i}}_M^{(l)} \) M × 1 vector of zeros except for the l-th element, which has value 1
I N N dimensional identity matrix
Kronecker product
Schur product (element-by-element multiplication)
vecd[] Vector formed diagonal element of a matrix
tr{} Trace
diag{} Composition of the diagonal matrix
blkdiag{} Composition of the block diagonal matrix
Euclidean norm of a vector
a(i : j) Subvector composed from the i-th to j-th elements
A(i : j, k : m) Submatrix composed from the i-th to j-th row and k-th to m-th column of A
sgn() Signum function