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Table 1 Comparison of the computational complexities

From: Two variants of the IIR spline adaptive filter for combating impulsive noise

Algorithm Multiplications Additions Divisions Median operation
IIR-SAF-LMS [9] 2M+4N+4Kp 2M+4N+4Kq 0 0
IIR-SAF-NLMS [18] 2M+4N+4Kp+4 2M+4N+4Kq+4 2 0
IIR-SAF-NLMM 2M+4N+4Kp+7 2M+4N+4Kq+5 2 O(Nw log2Nw)
IIR-SAF-SMNLMM 2M+4N+4Kp+12 2M+4N+4Kq+7 2 O(Nw log2Nw)