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Fig. 3 | EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing

Fig. 3

From: A bottom-up summarization algorithm for videos in the wild

Fig. 3

Results illustration from videos in SumMe dataset with lengths 15%. For each video, the first graph shows Ground Truth (User annotated importance scores); the second graph shows our summarization results, where green bars indicate frames or clips selected by our method. a Air Force One. b Bearpark climbing. c Bike Polo. d Bus in rock tunnel. e Car over camera. f Car railcrossing. g Cockpit landing. h Cooking. i Eiffel Tower. j Excavators river crossing. k Fire domino. l Jumps. m Kids playing in leaves. n Notre Dame. o Paintball. p Paluma jump. q Playing ball. r Playing on water slide. s Saving dolphins. t Scuba. u St Maarten Landing. v Statue of Liberty. w Uncut evening flight. x Valparaiso downhill

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