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Table 8 Activity categories of the egocentric activity dataset presented in [15]

From: A multisource fusion framework driven by user-defined knowledge for egocentric activity recognition

 1 Walking (WO)
 2 Walking upstairs (US)
 3 Walking downstairs (DS)
 4 Riding elevator up (VU)
 5 Riding elevator down (VD)
 6 Riding escalator up (SU)
 7 Riding escalator down (SD)
 8 Sitting (ST)
Daily activities
 9 Eating (ET)
 10 Drinking (DR)
 11 Texting (TU)
 12 Making phone calls (MP)
Office work
 13 Working at PC (CU)
 14 Reading (RD)
 15 Writing sentences (WT)
 16 Organizing files (OF)
 17 Running (RN)
 18 Doing push-ups (DP)
 19 Doing sit-ups (DT)
 20 Cycling (CY)