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Fig. 4 | EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing

Fig. 4

From: Transfer restless multi-armed bandit policy for energy-efficient heterogeneous cellular network

Fig. 4

Convergence rate comparison under various homogeneous Poisson point process traffic intensity with transferred knowledge estimated from a source task with traffic intensity Λsource=0.05×10−4. The figures show the convergence rate, in term of CEER, of the proposed policies, i.e., EEM-UCB and TLEEM-UCB, w.r.t. number of iterations and for several combination of source and target traffic intensities. Source intensity is fixed to Λsource=0.05×10−4 while the target intensities are Λtarget=0.05×10−4 (a), Λtarget=0.5×10−4 (b), Λtarget=1×10−4 (c), and Λtarget=2×10−4 (d). The figures provide comparison with state-of-the-art algorithms

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