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Table 2 Simulation parameters

From: Transfer restless multi-armed bandit policy for energy-efficient heterogeneous cellular network

Parameter description Value
Simulation area 5 km × 5 km
Maximum transmission power Macro BS: 20 W, Micro BS: 1 W
Maximum operational power Macro BS: 865 W, Micro BS: 38 W
BS height Macro BS: 32 m, Micro BS: 12.5 m
Intra-cell interference factor 0.01
Channel bandwidth 1.25 MHz
Path loss model COST 231
Arrival rate Λ(xk) in source task 0.05×10−4
Arrival rate Λ(xk) in target task 0.05×10−4 to 2×10−4
MS call holding time 1/[h(xk)] 100 kB
System load threshold ρth 0.6
Minimum bit rate requirement \(\Theta ^{\min }\) 122 Kbps
Exploration parameters of RQoS-UCB α=0.25 and β=0.32