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Table 4 Relative improvement of the community detection accuracy with different link probability functions H(xu,xv)

From: Community detection in networks: a game-theoretic framework

DatasetLink Prob. function\(1-\exp \left \{-\left (\mathbf {x}_{u}^{\texttt {T}}\mathbf {x}_{v}\right)^{1.2}\right \}\)\(\mathbf {x}_{u}^{\texttt {T}}\mathbf {x}_{v}/(1+\mathbf {x}_{u}^{\texttt {T}}\mathbf {x}_{v})\)\(1-\exp \left (-\mathbf {x}_{u}^{\texttt {T}}\mathbf {R}\mathbf {x}_{v}\right)\)
Facebook ego-network dataset0.42%0.49%– 13.69%
DBLP dataset2.13%– 1.31%– 35.34%