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Table 1 Overview of important related works

From: Random field-aided tracking of autonomous kinetically passive wireless agents

Ref.Estimates fieldRequires field measurementsEstimates positionsMeans of localizationKinetic controlConsiders barriersKinetic coupling
[7] (GMRF) / active§
[8] (GMRF)Positions are known / active
[12]Fluid flow measurements / active
[14] Distance/bearing AAMs and ABMs / active
[13]Distance/bearing AAMs and ABMs✗ / passive
This work (GMRF)Distance/bearing AAMs and ABMs✗ / passive
  1. Magnitude and angle of the flow is directly measured and compared to an a priori known oceanographic flow model
  2. No direct field measurements required. Inference indirectly via localization, using distance and/or bearing measurements
  3. Distributed localization is considered which is considered sub-optimal in the scenario considered in this work due to the availability of all data in the FC
  4. AWGN corrupted positions estimates are assumed
  5. §Affine dynamics are considered
  6. Position-independent RVs whose parameters are fixed a priori are used instead of spatial field
  7. Refers to the case where the environment’s effect on the agents’ motion is considered