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Table 5 Comparison of the accuracy measure applied on the RIDB

From: A novel approach to extracting useful information from noisy TFDs using 2D local entropy measures

SNRProposed methodLocal entropy-based algorithmRICI TFD threshold10%15%20%
Signal 1
−3 dBAcc= 0.987Acc= 0.94Acc= 0.885Acc= 0.763Acc= 0.828Acc= 0.849
0 dBAcc= 0.99Acc= 0.947Acc= 0.91Acc= 0.859Acc= 0.864Acc= 0.856
3 dBAcc= 0.994Acc= 0.953Acc= 0.939Acc= 0.9Acc= 0.88Acc= 0.87
6 dBAcc= 0.994Acc= 0.932Acc= 0.993Acc= 0.98Acc= 0.98Acc= 0.98
10 dBAcc= 0.994Acc= 0.940Acc= 0.993Acc= 0.98Acc= 0.98Acc= 0.98
Signal 2
−3 dBAcc= 0.912Acc= 0.918Acc= 0.854Acc= 0.718Acc= 0.793Acc= 0.821
0 dBAcc= 0.932Acc= 0.926Acc= 0.896Acc= 0.812Acc= 0.848Acc= 0.851
3 dBAcc= 0.948Acc= 0.936Acc= 0.931Acc= 0.872Acc= 0.871Acc= 0.858
6 dBAcc= 0.959Acc= 0.932Acc= 0.956Acc= 0.92Acc= 0.92Acc= 0.92
10 dBAcc= 0.964Acc= 0.938Acc= 0.959Acc= 0.92Acc= 0.92Acc= 0.92