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Table 1 Notations

From: Salient context-based semantic matching for information retrieval

Notations Description
d Single document
q Single query
dj The jth term in document
qi The ith term in query
wi The ith term vector in query
wj The jth term vector in document
dl Document length
avdl Average document length of indexed documents in data
\(\mathbb {Q}\) Set of query terms
\(|\mathbb {Q}|\) Number of query terms
\(\mathbb {T}\) Set of terms in the window
\(|\mathbb {T}|\) The window width
N Total number of indexed documents in data
n Number of indexed documents that contain a term
IDF Inverse document frequency
tf Within-document term frequency
qtf Within-query term frequency
co Within-document co-currency
b1,k1,k3 Parameters in BM25
a,b, α,β Parameters in our model