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Table 2 The integrated profile method utilized for muscle activation onset detection [29]

From: A muscle synergies-based movements detection approach for recognition of the wrist movements

Steps Description
\( 1-\mathrm{IP}\left(\mathrm{t}\right)={\sum}_{i=1}^t\mid x(i)\mid \) Obtaining the integrated profile (x is the EMG signal)
\( 2-L(t)=\mathrm{IP}(M)\frac{t}{N} \) Defining a reference line L(t) represents the integral of a signal
3 − D(t) =   IP(t) − L(t)| Computing the absolute value of the difference between L(t) and IP(t). (the time point at which D(t) reaches its maximum value, is defined as muscle activation onset time)