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Table 1 Music and speech dry sources obtained from SiSEC2011

From: Consistent independent low-rank matrix analysis for determined blind source separation

Signal Data name Source (1/2)
Music 1 bearlin-roads acoustic_guit_main/vocals
Music 2 bearlin-roads piano/acoustic_guit_main
Music 3 bearlin-roads piano/vocals
Music 4 another_dreamer-the_ones_we_love guitar/vocals
Music 5 another_dreamer-the_ones_we_love drums/guitar
Music 6 fort_minor-remember_the_name violins_synth/vocals
Music 7 fort_minor-remember_the_name vocals/drums
Music 8 tamy-que_pena_tanto_faz guitar/vocals
Music 9 ultimate_nz_tour guitar/synth
Music 10 ultimate_nz_tour drums/vocals
Speech 1 dev1_female4 src_1/src_2
Speech 2 dev1_female4 src_1/src_4
Speech 3 dev1_female4 src_2/src_3
Speech 4 dev1_female4 src_2/src_4
Speech 5 dev1_female4 src_3/src_4
Speech 6 dev1_male4 src_1/src_2
Speech 7 dev1_male4 src_1/src_4
Speech 8 dev1_male4 src_2/src_3
Speech 9 dev1_male4 src_2/src_4
Speech 10 dev1_male4 src_3/src_4