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Table 1 Summary of model parameters

From: Statistical test for GNSS spoofing attack detection by using multiple receivers on a rigid body

MNumber of captured range measurements of a satellite or spoofer signal by a GNSS receiver
NNumber of GNSS receivers
INumber of satellites
\(\mathbf {p}_{n_{0}}\)Position of the nth GNSS receiver, relative to the platform
siPosition of the ith satellite
b0Translation vector of the platform
TRotation matrix of the platform
\(\mathbf {p}^{A}_{i}\)Position of the ith spoofer
τiArtificial time delay induced by the ith spoofer
rn,i,mmth sample from the ith satellite or spoofer signal measured by the nth GNSS receiver
nn,i,mNoise component of rn,i,m
σ2Noise power