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Table 1 Comparison of MoRAM with existing modulo recovery methods

From: Sparse signal recovery from modulo observations

  Unlimited sampling [6] OLS method [16] multi-shot UHDR [7] GAMP [18] MoRAM (our approach)
Assumption on structure of signal Band-limited Band-limited No assumptions Sparsity, Bernoulli-Gaussian mixture distribution Sparsity
Sampling scheme Uniform grid Uniform grid (Carefully chosen) linear measurements Random linear measurements Random linear measurements
Sample complexity Oversampled, \(\mathcal {O}(n)\) Oversampled, \(\mathcal {O}(n)\) Undersampled Undersampled, \(\mathcal {O}(s\log (n))\)
Provides sample complexity bounds? Yes No No Yes
Leverages sparsity? No No No Yes Yes
(Theoretical) bound on dynamic range Unbounded Unbounded Unbounded Unbounded 2R