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Table 1 Simulation environment papameters

From: Resource sharing of mobile edge computing networks based on auction game and blockchain

Parameter Value
Number of BS 10
Number of UE 100
Number of edge cloud 10
Carrier frequency 2GHZ
Bandwidth of UE requested wij 1M-2M
Bandwidth of BS \(W_{j}^{BS}\) 20M
Bandwidth of one subcarrier W 40K
Max UE Tx power Pi 15-23dbm
Max delay dli 1-2s
Transfer data size Si 200K-400Kb
CPU cycles requested Di 1G-2Gbps
Total storage of edge cloud 200-250G
Total CPU cycles of edge cloud 15G-20GHZ
Pathloss from UE to BS 15.3+37.6log10(R)
Shadowing standard Deviation 28 db
Bid price per unit of bandwidth 5-12
Bid price per unit of computation 5-12
Bid price per unit of storage 5-12
Cost per unit of bandwidth 5-10
Cost per unit of computation 5-10
Cost per unit of storage 5-10