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Table 2 Brands and models of the CCNU-Mobile dataset

From: Spatial and temporal learning representation for end-to-end recording device identification

Brands Models
APPLE iphone6 (4), iphone6s (3), iphoneSE, ipad7, iphone7p, iphoneX, air2(2), air1
HUAWEI tagal00, nova, novo2s, nova3e, honor7x, honor8(3), honorV8, honor9, honor10, p10, p20
XIAOMI mi2s, note3, mi5, mi8, mi8se(2), mix2, redmiNote4x, redmi3S
VIVO y11t,x3f,x7
ZTE c880a,g719c
SAMSUNG sphd710,s8
OPPO r9s