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Table 1 Comparative analysis of comprehensive evaluation method

From: Research of ergonomic comprehensive evaluation for suit production operation based on hybrid method with IAHP and gray entropy

Method Description of method Feature analysis
Topsis Relative approach degree of the ideal solution is utilized as evaluation criteria It is not easy to solve ideal solution, and the method subjectivity is strong
AHP Multi-criteria decision-making is realized based on qualitative and quantitative analysis by determining scale of indexes importance Point judgment matrix may be incaccurate due to decider grasp incomplete information
FCAM Each evaluation index is evaluated and sequenced on the basis of fuzzy mathematics and maximum membership degree principle Matrix is decided by membership degree. it is difficult to determine the membership function reasonably and effectively
GCA It is a multiple statistical method, and describes relationship of evaluation indicators by correlation analysis The method has features of clear concept, simple calculation. However, it has certain subjectivity due to equal rights treatment
EM Entropy weight of index is determined by information entropy The method is not suitable for subjective evaluation