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Table 2 Simulation parameters

From: A reinforcement learning-based computing offloading and resource allocation scheme in F-RAN

Parameters Values
\({{d}_{FAP}}\) 150 m
\({{d}_{D2D}}\) 30 m
\({{B}_{n}}\) Select from [500, 1000] cycles/bit
\({{D}_{n}}\) Randomly for each UE but fix the average size to 1 MB
\({{f}_{n}}\) 900 MHz
\({{f}_{DCN}}\) 1 GHz
\({{f}^{FAP}}\) 4 GHz
\({{f}_{cloud}}\) 10 GHz
\(\rho _{n}^{t},\rho _{n}^{e}\) Uniform distributed in [0, 1]
B 10MHz
\({{N}_{0}}\) − 174 dBm/Hz
Transmit power of UE 30 dBm
Transmit power of FAP 33 dBm
Channel gains of cellular and D2D links \({\mathcal {C}}{\mathcal {N}}(0,1)\)