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Table 4 Processing times required for implementing the conventional DEDR and the developed POCS-regularized (SW/HW codesign-based) unified DEDR-POCS techniques (RSF and RASF).

From: Experiment Design Regularization-Based Hardware/Software Codesign for Real-Time Enhanced Imaging in Uncertain Remote Sensing Environment

Implementation method Processing time [seconds]
  RSF (per iteration) RASF (per iteration)
Hypothetical Full-Format Implementation(Evaluated PC-Oriented Implementation) 5171.6 5655
Factorized Fixed-Point POCS-Regularized Implementation (PC-Oriented) 19.70 20.05
Previous HW/SW codesign-based implementation [10] (without systolic arrays) 7.82 7.985
Proposed HW/SW codesign-based implementation (with systolic arrays) 2.51 2.56
  1. Note – Processing times may vary depending on the processor type, CPU memory and the software used.