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Efficient Analysis of Time-Varying Multicomponent Signals with Modified LPTFT


This paper presents efficient algorithms for the analysis of nonstationary multicomponent signals based on modified local polynomial time-frequency transform. The signals to be analyzed are divided into a number of segments and the desired parameters for computing modified the local polynomial time-frequency transform in each segment are estimated from polynomial Fourier transform in the frequency domain. Compared to other reported algorithms, the length of overlap between consecutive segments is reduced to minimize the overall computational complexity. The concept of adaptive window lengths is also employed to achieve a better time-frequency resolution for each component. Numerical simulations with synthesized multicomponent signals show that the proposed ones achieve better performance on instantaneous frequency estimation with greatly reduced computational complexity.

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Wei, Y., Bi, G. Efficient Analysis of Time-Varying Multicomponent Signals with Modified LPTFT. EURASIP J. Adv. Signal Process. 2005, 784762 (2005).

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